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Shih Tzu Breed Information

What is the purpose of the Shih Tzu? Well, every dog has a purpose for existing. The Shih Tzu’s main reason is to bestow love. They don’t attack, track, pull, or hunt. They just enjoy being with you at all times. They might bark a little to alert you to someone at the door, but they will love the person once they know they’re your friends.

What kind of environment do Shih Tzus do well in? Shih Tzu are dogs for house, but they’re still happy in a penthouse apartment or outside in a farmyard chasing mice. Some people use their bathroom with a kitty litter box, other people use some newspaper, and other pet owners let their dogs go outside. They can adapt to most situations, and you can use a couple of methods if you wish. They adapt well to different situations, too. If some stroke of misfortune occurs to the pet owners, and they can’t keep the dogs anymore, then they will adore the new masters too.

Shih Tzus give a lot of love, and they need a lot in return. They don’t want to be left alone in the backyard or with the kids. Even though they love kids, they require pet owners’ care. A bath once per week is required to keep the coats shiny, and the skin clean. They need to be blow-dried so they don’t get a cold. You have to comb and brush out the tangles and mats. They like getting their faces washed every single day, just as you would wash your own face. If you don’t like keeping up with the luxurious, long cat, you can make it short with scissors, or you can take the dog to the groomer to get it shaped in the newest style.

They like to go on long walks, but if you can do that, they will still jump under and over the furniture and get their own exercise. They also like to rid in a car with the owner, but they don’t like to drive in hot weather.

Shih Tzus are highly intelligent. They like to learn new stuff. If you just want to keep them spoiiled, and not teach them anything, they won’t mind either. If you drive them to obedience school, they’ll like that too. They’re up for anthing.

They’re not picky eaters, if you get them going in the right way. They need a lot of dry dog food with just a couple supplements to make sure their coat and skin stays in tip-top condition too.

They have an alert and lively temperament, but they are not high-strung whatsoever. They’re really quite tame dogs. If you want to josh around, they’re up for that. If you want some time on your own, they will go to sleep. If you want to work all day, and can’t be with the dog, just leave them some toys, and they’ll amuse themselves.

Do you want this dog for breeding it? Breeding isn’t just mating two dogs approved by the AKC and producing puppies. That’s caused the downfall of many breeds. It’s a process of creativity that necessitates genetics study, veterinary procedures, bloodlines, and conformation. Breeders hold all the responsibility for future generations. Outstanding champions who breed together will produce lots of pets, so if dogs who aren’t outstanding get bred, there won’t be good effects as time goes on. Hardiness, disposition, and personality are gone, along with the breed’s great looks. A healthy dog is bred on purpose, and it doesn’t happen by accident. Humans have to deliver Shih Tzus, and lots of hours’ sleep is lost. Think about it slowly.

Are you thinking about getting a pet? There’s no reason why you should buy an inexpensive puppy from someone is just out there exploiting the breed’s popularity, and their only goal in life is to make a quick buck from you. When you purchase from a devoted breeder, one who is breeding for future champion-grade dogs, you have an opportunity to procure a professionally-raised, well-bred puppy, and at a fair price. Sometimes, only a single puppy in a litter will show quality. The rest will just be alright puppies. Lots of breeders necessitate neutering or spaying all their pets. In that way, you’ll have most ideal pet possible.

Do you want a show dog? A show dog is a special kind of animal, and it needs the right handling, coat-care, environment, nutrition, and training. That’s the only way it will win in the conformation ring. This pet has a lot of value in terms of its money and prestige, and it’s more than just what a pet breeder can provide. All puppies have a cute appearance, and this breed is infamous for changing. Purchase exclusively from a breeder who is showing and producing his own stock. He should have the experience to spot the potential in a puppy. He should also give you a lot of help in learning the ropes.

Now, you know some more about the Shih Tzu, and you could have decided if this is the right dog for you. Talk to a breeder who is ethical, and go to a club or local dog club. Go to dog shows and discuss it all with breeders. Don’t get in a hurry. There’s not anything worthwhile that happens overnight. Respectable breeders don’t always have puppies free all the time. However, their puppies are definitely worth the wait.


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