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Shih Tzu allergies

A lot of people with allergies wonder if they’ll be allergic to Shih Tzus. This question will come up over and over again to breeders an exhibitors by people who are interested in the Shih Tzu, and it will come up at rescues too. It’s not a question with an easy answer though. Every person has unique allergies. In truth, even dogs that are in the same breed have an effect on a person which is allergic in different degrees. A person’s allergic response to a dog can get worse as the dog goes from the puppy stage to the adult stage too.

A good answer to give a person who is thinking about purchasing a Shih Tzu into their home, but who has had other allergic reactions to dogs, is to spend a lot of time with the Shih Tzu before you’re sure if the dog is right for you. Dogs like this have hair as opposed to fur, they shed a lot less, which is just a tiny amount each day instead of big quantities, and they have reduced dander compared to what other dogs have.. Because of this, they are sometimes called hypo-allergenic dogs. No dogs are truly hypo-allergenic though. Even hairless breeds aren’t completely hypo-allergenic. A person might have an allergic reaction to the urine or saliva of a dog, in addition to the fur.

In the best of circumstances, a person that thinks they’re allergic should spend an entire day, or maybe overnight, with a dog to know if they have an allergic reaction to the dog. Some folks might be able to tell in a couple moments whether they’re allergic to the dog or not. If they’re certain that they’ll know instantly, then they should visit a breeder who just has a Shih Tzu, but no other dogs present in the house. It’s critical to find out whether or not other animals will be present before you go there, specifically those with hair or fur, in the breeder’s home. There’s no way to know for certain if the Shih Tzu or one of the other animals is making the problem, if there is a problem.

A breeder who is ethical will definitely take back a puppy that has an owner who happens to be allergic, but that can be something that’s heart-wrenching to the puppy as well as the buyer. It’s therefore strongly recommended that you assess whether or not you’re allergic before bringing the dog home. This is especially critical when there are children participating in the situation.

Rescue representatives often get asked a lot of advice by people that just find out that they’re allergic to dogs, and there are some cases where the pet owner just couldn’t stand the idea of letting go of the family pet. Most of these people will have an uphill battle though. While it could be possible to enhance the problem with the outlined steps, you can hardly exact a cure. Here is a bunch of things you can try, and just see if this works, when you apply any of the following:

1. Even though the breed has a flowing coat, some of those with allergies get advised to get their dogs’ coats clipped on a regular basis to make it as short as possible. This is not because there is less dander with less hair, but because it’s much simpler make sure the dog’s clean, and a dog that’s clean will be less troublesome to the person who’s allergic.
2. Make sure you give your Shih Tzu baths very often. Give it baths on a weekly basis or at least three times per month. Use an excellent dog shampoo with ingredients that moisturize. The most important thing is to utilize a cream rinse, dilute it, and leave it in the coat at the conflusion of the bath to get the dander to go down. If at all possible, someone besides the person who’s allergic should handle the bathing. It’s also a great idea to comb and blow-dry the dog’s coat outdoors, like the garage or outside on the porch, or even take it to a DIY shop for grooming. A fabric softener used for laundry might be able to be substituted for a conditioner, if it’s left on the coat. A fabric softener that’s unscentered could make the Shih Tzu a little bit itchy. If this occurs, then bathe it again and use a different brand or just opt for a cream rinse alternatively. Purchase a product that cuts down on the dander that can get into your dog’s eyes. You might want to try a product that goes by the name of “Allerpet-D”, and it’s sold through pet stores and mail order catalogs too. Use the bottle’s instructions. You can only use this shorter coats though, so your dog might require a haircut. Most grooming products can be ordered on the Internet, and most are also in big pet catalogs.
3. Make sure that the Shih Tzu stays out of the person’s bedroom who’s allergic.
4. Remove all the carpeting if possible, at least from the place where the puppy spends the majority of his time. Carpet can store up dander, and it can store up other allergens as well.
5. Make sure you frequently vacuum rugs and bare floors, because that’s a must.
6. Your Shih Tzu should have bedding that’s washable. It should also be able to be laundered each time that a dog takes a bath.
7. An electronic air cleaner or purifier could give you some relief. Use in the place where the dog and allergic owner spend most of their time together, and in the bedroom of the pet owner as well. Such machines might not really live up to the claims that they make, and they shouldn’t be counted upon as any kind of cure-all. Although, they should get a little of the dander out of the air, at least. Buy the best kind you can possibly get; the inexpensive ones will not handle the job well.
8. As a final thing, think about going to an allergist, and they can offer you a shot that will desensitize you, and that’s probably considered a wise step too. It can be expensive, and it doesn’t work for all people. It can take months or possibly years to finish the treatment, so it might not be a good option for some people though Because of that, the shots aren’t a good option for people who are already dealing with severe symptoms like asthma.

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