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The Shih Tzu Temperament

People have personalities that vary depending on the person you’re taking a look at, and dogs have personalities too. Although, when you’re looking at the Shih Tzu’s personality, there are lots of things you can rely on.

In their native homeland, which is China, there are some phrases for the Shih Tzu that are quite funny. One of them is “little lion”. They are tiny dogs, but they pack a big attitude. If you wanted to sum up the temperament of a Shih Tzu in a couple of words, you just couldn’t find a better description of that. This breed is cuddly and cute, but they are also very resilient.

When it comes to the temperament of a Shih Tzu, it’s a good idea to frame them as tiny children. Shih Tzus don’t want to be left alone for extended periods of time, and they always want to be near their owners’ sides. In point of fact, if you’re the kind of guy who’s away from home a lot, then you’ll probably want to find another breed that does better than the Shih Tzu when it’s left alone. These dogs need a lot of praise and attention, and they’re perfect for people that want a real companion

The Shih Tzu is a great choice for a home that has a lot of tiny children inside of it. The Shih Tzu will have behavior that is very similar to that of your young kids, and you could end up with everyone sparring with one another to get all the attention. Shih Tzus are excellent around other pets and kids as well.

One of the great attributes of a Shih Tzu’s personality is is fidelity. These are great breeds that are extremely little companions. They like to be with other animals and people all the time. Basically, they are great dogs for people who work at home, or people who spend a ton of time at home.

If you decide to purchase a Shih Tzu, what kind of behavior will you see?

Shih Tzus have a ton of bouncy energy. When you buy a Shih Tzu, you’ll see that personality is their main attribute. These dogs will run about the house and participate in whatever you’re working on. Shih Tzus really like to play, and they can even get downright impish when they’re running about the house. You have to keep an eye on them.

Shih Tzus are highly intelligent. If you’re looking for a dog that’s not smart, you’ll definitely not want to get a Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu behavior can even turn mischievous. They are intelligent enough to attempt to trick you. As an added perk, through, these dogs pick up new lessons quickly.

A Shih Tzu has a sunny temperament. You can definitely rely on these dogs to be affectionate and friendly. They will always be overjoyed to see you, and they will miss you a lot when you leave. If you give a Shih Tzu attention, they will love you forever.

Shih Tzus make for great guard dogs too. They might be tiny, but don’t tell them that they’re little. Shih Tzus won’t resist when it comes to barking at strangers. When you have a little Shih Tzu, you won’t have to worry about anyone coming up on you and sneaking up. A stranger that’s walking by or a person who’s knocking on the door will get their complete attention, and they will tell you about every detail of it. Their bark is a lot worse than their bite, though.

A Shih Tzu has a personality that can be written about in three words, and those are “fun, fun, and fun”. If you’re looking for a dog to have fun with and cuddle with, then this is the dog for you.

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